Expert System for the Florida Citrus Rootstock Selection Guide

Welcome to our Virtual Rootstock Expert. I (the Expert System) use artificial intelligence to help you find the best citrus rootstock. I am based on the Third Edition of the Florida Rootstock Selection Guide. I don't replace the guide, but rather am intended to be used alongside it. I will interview you and can reason through your information to hone in on your best rootstock options. Over time, I'll keep learning in a way that will make my answers even better. Here are the ways I can help you:

Watch this brief video for an overview on how to use this system (updated 4/12/16).

My analysis will provide a report that gives you a ranked list of rootstocks that ON AVERAGE are top candidates for you to consider in your situation. Please be sure to read the disclaimer below before proceeding.

What is the name of the site for which you'd like me to do an analysis?

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